Updated Tuesday 16th March 2021:

Dear customer,

We would like to address some key changes to our operations at Broxbourne Golf Complex to further enhance the safety of customers and staff on site.

Tee Times and Bookings 

- Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your tee time. This is to ensure that our tee times run to schedule and so that everyone can have a safe experience when attending.

- There is a maximum of 5 people to Crazy Golf and FootGolf, and 4 people for a Par 3 booking. We understand the government guidelines allow bigger groups than this to meet up, but this is a normal process which ensures speed of play and to ensure the tee times don't back up due to slow play.

- In the instance of back to back multiple bookings with friends or family (which isn't allowed until the rule of 6 is not in place anymore), each group must leave at their dedicated time, 10 minutes apart. Please do not congregate in large groups of multiple households when queuing up to pay, this does not adhere to current Covid-19 government guidelines.

Food and Drink

- Our outdoor seating area will be open from April 12th. However our clubhouse will remain closed until May 17th, access to the toilets on a one in-one out basis will be available.

- If there aren't any benches available then you can either find a safe space on the grass away from the area directly outside the front of the clubhouse, or it's a short 45 second walk to the public field next door. If too many people from multiple households are congregating around one or two benches then we will not be able to serve you and may have to ask you to leave, especially if we feel you are putting other customers at risk or making them uncomfortable.

- If it's very busy we may set a maximum time limit your group can be on a bench to ensure other customers get the opportunity to sit down when ordering food.

- Food orders are placed at the hut and you will be called over to a collection point to collect your food once it is ready.

Other Safety Measures

During this period of Covid 19, the continuous safety of our customers and staff are of highest priority.

These are the measures we have put in place, please ensure you do your part too when visiting.

- All customers will be served from our external hut, with groups queuing at least 2m apart. Directional signs will be in place to tell people where to go.
- We will be disinfecting our footballs, golfballs and clubs after each use (although you are welcome to also bring your own as a precaution), and there will be instructions on how our customers can pick up and drop off off hired items safely.

- Where possible, please pay by card

- Give space for other customers and keep 6ft apart from anyone outside of your group.

- Please refrain from touching furnishings, flag poles or our crazy golf models unnecessarily.

Function and Wedding Bookings

We are still open for discussion for those customers who wish to celebrate at our venue in the future. We are now accepting bookings for dates after June 21st. We are happy to provide socially distant tours from March 29th of our venue/grounds or skype calls to discuss your requirements. Please email for party bookings and for wedding bookings.


-Please follow the various signs around the facility to help us (and you) follow social distancing rules and manage good standards of hygiene.

-Our club house remains closed but can be opened for toilet use.

-Please keep speed to a minimum when arriving our leaving our venue by car- as we have many families enjoying the playing fields.


Thank you for bearing with us. We really appreciate all the customer support.


The Broxbourne Golf Complex Team

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